Discoid - The Mobile Discogs Browser

Have you ever wished to carry a list of your CD or Record Collection around with you but never got around to it?

Well Discoid makes the task of cataloguing your collection a doddle, just simply scan in the barcode and you are away! If your item lacks a barcode you can match on the Catalog Number, Title, Artist or whatever!

Discoid uses Discogs huge collection of online data to supply artwork, track listings and background information to fully document your collection, what's more you can search on everything from musicians to track titles - you will be amazed where this can lead you!

So if you are collector, a historian or just a plain mad about music, Discoid is for you!

What Is Discogs?

Discogs is a library for all hard music formats covering every medium  DVDs, VHS, CDs, SACDs, LPs, Cassette, 8-Tracks, Reel to Reel Tape etc. Each item generally have several images, a track listings and some background information. All the data is supported by a search engine and API that allows you to track music down by artist, title, label, producer, musician, label, track, format etc.

The database has been created by its users, anyone can contribute, the data is available via discogs website and a RESTful API which is where Discoid comes in.

What Can You Do With Discoid?

As a quick summary:-

1) Search Discogs database for any Artist, Title, Label, Catologue Id, Discogs Id or match just plain text.

2) Display any Group, Album Cover, Label or Format Image full screen on your mobile. Since v2.3 you can now use the pinch and zoom support to zoom into record labels or reframe images.

3) View an artist's profile, pictures and releases.

4) View detailed information on any release - tracks, producers, mixers, contributors, dogs body etc

5) Store your own record collection on Discoid so you never again buy a duplicate!.

6) Create your own Wanted List and update it as your browse.

7) Import your existing Collection or Wanted list from Discogs (NB/ XML file exported from Discogs must first be placed on SD Card).

8) Instantly search on almost any piece of information displayed and you will be amazed what info Discogs has stored.

9) Limit your results by using Discoid's extensive set of filters.

10) View stats on your Music Collection, number of artists, titles, genre, style.

11) Export your data in xml, html or database form so you can exchange with other Discoid users, you can even have a desktop html copy. The html output can also be used to synchronize your collection with Discogs

(NB/ Discogs do not yet offer import functionality)

Discoid Screen Shots

Here are a selection of screen shots from Discoid to give you an insight of what can be extracted from Discogs and how Discoid goes about presenting the data. For a detail description of interaction please visit the pages in the side bar.

So lets start with a quiz, do you know who this is? You must know the bass player?
(Hawkwind - Lemmy on bass)

Lets admire some classic Album Art :-

Every music format is present on Discogs - how about a DVD-A copy of King Crimsons Islands, a cassette tape of a Kinks Album or a Beatles 8 Track!


Collection Statistics

Once you have a reasonable amount of data in your collection database you can do wonderful things with it, for example you can view your collectors profile (see below).

This chart is not just a pretty picture but is from v2.3 onwards fully interactive, tapping on or near a graph point will reveal exactly which titles are behind the data.

You can also pan and zoom if you wish:-

Discoids offers your 6 Pie Charts so you can view your collection by Genres and the styles they break down into.

The Pie Chart for each supports pan and view so you focus on the smallest details.

If you are interested in Discoid you can download it via Android's Market Place for a nominal fee (well, considerably less than my daughter's fee for the banner ad!)